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Receiving a diagnosis of ADHD at age 43 told Brett one thing for sure... things in his life were about to change… and adjustments would be required.

What he didn't know at the time was that the changes would end up having less to do with who he is, than with his perception of who he is.

Changes in perspective have played a huge role in Brett’s shift from merely SURVIVING to THRIVING as an adult with ADHD.

Brett’s talks focus on two major themes:

ADHD Education

To enlighten and educate corporate audiences about the “Gifts” of ADHD and the “Secret Weapon” that may be hidden within your organization.

Creating Change

To inspire individuals to explore their own beliefs and perspectives and to use it as a catalyst to re-invent the stories they tell themselves that may be keeping them stuck in a situation they feel powerless to change.

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Brett delivers on these themes with two available talks:


Talk #1 – Corporate-Focused

Unleashing the Power of ADHD in the Workforce and Turning it Into Your Secret Weapon

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in the workplace costs Canadian business to an estimated $7 Billion annually in lost productivity and ineffective use and management of skills. Estimates provided by CADDAC (Centre For ADHD Awareness, Canada), put the instance of ADHD at 1 in 25 in Canadian adults. That means that ADHD affects about 420,000 members of the SME workforce. Not the “insignificant” disorder some think.


What most don’t realize is that once identified and properly managed, employees with ADHD bring with them incredible soft-skills that include innovative thinking, fierce independent spirit, incredible intuition, creativity, strong inter-personal skills and undying loyalty, just to name a few.

Aside from achieving huge success in business, Virgin founder Richard Branson, Jet Blue’s David Neelman and Ikea innovator Ingvar Kamprad have one other thing in common... they all have ADHD.

So if you want to foster entrepreneurial attitudes within your organization; if intuitive, independent and innovative thinking are high on your list of qualities in an employee; and if you consider yourself an employer who focuses on hiring based on soft-skills that can’t be taught, learning how to make the most out of your 1 in 25 should be a high priority on your HR plan.

After The Talk

Brett will offer customized coaching solutions to corporate clients to work with their executive teams and with any specific employees who have ADHD as requested.

Delivery Options
1. One-Hour Lunch and Learn
  • Understanding ADHD & its impact in the workplace
2. Half-Day OR Full-Day HR Workshop
  • Understanding ADHD - What it is & What it isn’t
  • Workplace impacts
  • The tremendous upside
  • Effective management
  • Management responsibilities 

Talk #2 – Personal Development-Focused

How Changing the Way You See Things… Can be as Powerful as Changing the Way You Do Things – The Creation of ‘Brett-2.0’

Brett talks about some of the challenges and internal discontentment he experienced over a life-time of living with ADHD, and about the impact of his eventual diagnosis (at age 43). The talk is largely focused on a decision he made to re-invent his career and much of his perspective on life into what he affectionately refers to as Brett–2.0. Throughout the talk, he highlights some of the key new ideas he adopted along the way that may serve to demonstrate the power of perspective shift for anyone seeking meaningful change in their life… whatever the specific context.

Depending upon the length of the talk, these ideas and concepts may include any or all of the following:
  • Embracing Your Differences
  • Taking a “Strength-Based” Approach to Life
  • Understanding the Difference Between a Reason and an Excuse
  • Becoming Temporarily Comfortable with Discomfort
  • Recognizing the Difference Between “Intelligent” and “Clever”
  • Realizing that Right and Wrong are a State of Mind… Not a State of Being
  • The Connection of how we Receive and Perceive to how we Transmit and Commit
  • Letting go of Perfection in the Pursuit of Excellence
  • The value of Taking a Leap of Faith
  • Learning to place priority on “The Home Team”
New Mindset New Result, written with Chalk on Blackboard
Here’s Some of What Your Audience Will Discover In This Talk • • •
  • How shifts in perspective can be a catalyst for creating change
  • That the unexpected can provide opportunities just as well as challenges
  • How the choices we make influence our ability to move forward
  • That our lives are greatly influenced by the “stories” we create
  • That beliefs are the basis of our stories
  • That there are beliefs that serve to liberate and those that serve to limit our growth
  • That there are very few absolute truths in life
  • That they may actually have more control over their outcomes than they think
Delivery Options
1. Keynote Address
2. Concurrent Session
  • Can be adjusted to meet allotted time
  • Generally run about an hour straight time
  • Brett encourages audience interaction and questions and with that considered will commit up to 2 hours as required.

Comments About Brett as a Speaker

"Brett has spoken and collaborated with the Learning Disabilities Association of Newfoundland and Labrador on many occasions and has always demonstrated deep insight and enthusiasm for his topic that was appreciated and valued by our clients.”

David Banfield
Executive Director

"My instructors gave me so much positive feedback and have requested to have Brett speak again… he brings awareness and clarity to his topic… his willingness to open about personal experiences made him very relatable.”

Elizabeth Campbell
Academy Canada

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