• Communicating effectively with your spouse or partner
  • Being more attentive to your family’s needs
  • Frequent negative thinking
  • Difficulty managing household finances
  • Having trouble acknowledging your strengths
  • Quite often feeling as though you're “faking it”
  • Often feeling isolated as though nobody “gets you"
  • Achieving work-life balance
  • Issues with time-management
  • Feeling overwhelmed by everyday tasks
  • Planning and creating order in your day
  • Staying on task and avoiding distractions
  • Moving from intention to activation
  • Difficulty establishing clear boundaries
  • Trouble establishing and maintaining priorities
  • Following through on assigned tasks
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Having ADHD does not condemn you to a life of struggle.

ADHD is NOT a failed version of normal... it is simply a different way of being.

In fact, what many people don’t realize is that along with the challenges, ADHD brings along with it many natural strengths. Strengths that are part of who you are, but often strengths that you may have spent much of your life ignoring or
taking for granted that include:

  • Creativity
  • Intuitive, “Out of the Box" Thinking
  • Passion
  • Ingenuity
  • Curiosity
  • Positivity
  • Hyper-Focus
  • Unbridled Enthusiasm
  • Quick Thinking
  • Authenticity
  • Resiliency
  • Resourcefulness
  • Sensitivity

Working with an ADHD Coach can help unleash these inner "super powers” in a way that allows you to feel successful and competent on your own terms. Different does NOT mean defective, and my primary goal as your coach is to help you determine your own way of doing things.

The barriers that make you feel stuck are nothing more than signals that can trigger you to take action and let you identify and foster your own methods that will lead to success, inner-peace and satisfaction in your life.

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My 3-Tiered Approach to ADHD
My 3-tiered approach to ADHD developed from my personal experience as an adult diagnosed with ADHD—and as the parent of a child with ADHD. I’ve been where you are, and I know I can help you discover the right path to realize the changes you are seeking in your life. Through regular coaching sessions, you can learn to Understand, Accept and Embrace your ADHD diagnosis in a way that create a foundation for your goals.
Why the 3-Tiered Approach Works. 
A strength-based approach to ADHD recognizes—and appreciates—that many incredibly special qualities tend to accompany your very real challenges  In fact, they’re often the type of strengths that employers will tell you cannot be taught.
As an ADHD Coach, my role is to help you clarify your goals for change and identify the circumstances that are most likely to bring these qualities out. All while encouraging the appreciation and use of those strengths as a pathway to success.

The Approach


Developing a full understanding of your situation and diagnosis. What does having ADHD mean for YOU... what does it not have to mean? How do the symptoms show up in YOUR life? What is the real everyday impact of YOUR ADHD?

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Coming to grips with the many thoughts and questions you’re likely to have in order to accept that your ADHD is not a personality flaw. That it is not about effort or dedication. And also the sometimes more difficult task of accepting and placing focus around your strengths.


Re-Framing and taking control of your life by developing strategies and tactics that play to your many strengths, while identifying ways to support your challenges. Creating pride and confidence in who you are, not in spite of your ADHD, but in some cases, because of it.

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ADHD Coaching is a commitment you make to yourself
There’s no such thing as an overnight success. The success you gain from working with a coach depends to a great deal on what you put into it. To achieve significant change, you must be willing to invest resources, time and effort— to be open minded and truly committed to change.

The Coaching Sessions

The Groundwork Session
This 90-minute paid session is your first full session and will run a little longer than a regular coaching session. It is a chance for us to dig a little deeper into  some of the areas that may have come up during the initial consultation—or to discuss new topics like:
  • The most significant way that ADHD impacts your life.
  • The coping strategies you currently using.
  • What’s currently working and not working in your life.
  • Your most pressing frustrations.
  • The areas of life where you’d like to see progress and change.
By the end of this session, we’ll have gathered valuable insight that will help you clarify priority areas and strategies you’d like to work on should you decide to move forward with a full coaching program.
Twice-Monthly Regular Coaching Sessions
Once you decide you want to pursue working with a coach, these regularly scheduled 60-minute sessions are what make up the bulk of the process. They generally occur twice-monthly to ensure consistency and provide ample opportunity to identify and explore topics and issues for discussion as well as time to work on identified approaches between meetings. The topics covered in these sessions are entirely decided upon by you, the client. They can be as varied as your desire for change dictates. And while it is most productive to remain focused on a single issue during each meeting, some issues may be discussed over multiple sessions in order to arrive at a desired outcome.

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