10 Perspective Shifts to Help You Learn to Thrive with ADHD!

Thriving with ADHD begins with challenging the beliefs that dictate your life.

Discover the 10 perspective shifts I made that helped me go from constantly struggling with my ADHD to finally feeling in control of my life!


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Why work with an ADHD Coach?

Although there is no cure for ADHD, it is among the most manageable of psychiatric conditions. Many of the symptoms can be controlled with medication, developing revised lifestyle strategies and a conscious commitment to change.

An ADHD Coach is a trained & certified professional who specializes in the unique challenges
of ADHD by helping you discover adaptive skills and coping strategies that play to your individual
talents and strengths—while accounting for your ADHD symptoms.


Why Brett?

Brett is a Certified Mindset & Personal Coach focusing on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). His ADHD diagnosis at age 43 was the beginning of a journey that has given him the hard-won personal experience and the professional training needed to create his 3-tiered approach that focuses on UNDERSTANDING, ACCEPTING and EMBRACING the hidden strengths of ADHD to find new solutions to old challenges.

As an adult living with ADHD, Brett has a unique perspective that can help individuals with ADHD become happier and more confident people. 

What Others Say About Working With Brett

Dr. David Lendrum, MD, Calgary, AB CAN

"I received my diagnosis of ADHD at the age of 41, much later than most.  When diagnosed, I was, and still am,  in a successful and challenging career with a loving family.  I searched for an ADHD coach to help me understand my diagnosis, how it had shaped me as a person and how I can use this gift to help me excel in the future.  I also wanted to learn some tactics to help make the challenges that accompany this diagnosis less so. 

Brett was able to keenly listen to my unique ADHD story and understand how my diagnosis impacts my life and career.  During every coaching session, he is able to help me think about the challenges I bring up in a different mindset and help me use my ADHD gifts to solve them.  I have enjoyed every session with Brett and would highly recommend him as a coach for anyone with ADHD.  He clearly understands the diagnosis, the challenges it can present and how to use one’s ADHD gifts to improve all aspects of their life."

Susie Sahim, Entrepreneur, San Jose, CA USA

"Brett has been an amazing resource for me as I build my first business. I thought I knew all the tricks to managing my ADHD after spending most of my life reading tons of articles, books, and listening to podcasts. Despite this, I still struggled to manage my time effectively, manage stress/anxiety, stay motivated, and have the mental resilience needed to handle the failures involved in building a business.

Brett helped me to actually apply all those tips at the right times. When I describe problems, he helps me discover solutions. He's helped me overcome overwhelm and identify barriers that were keeping me from getting tasks done and help me come up with a plan of attack to have more success going forward.

Without Brett's coaching, I would not be half as far as I am with my business. It's the best investment I've made and I look forward to every session."

Deon Seifert, Indianapolis, IN, USA

Brett is an essential part of my ride on the ADHD train.

I was diagnosed as an adult, after a lifetime of building compensations, habits (good and bad), and ingrained stories about myself. Brett helps me recognize these stories and rewrite the ones that block my progress. He's helped me to understand my frustrating procrastination habit, and his techniques help me to address it.

Brett explains how the ADHD brain works in relation to what I’m having trouble with, then we work together to find a way to 'hack' that process to accomplish my goals. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

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