What Brett's Clients Are Saying

Through the use of online meeting platforms like Zoom Meetings, Brett regularly works with clients from all over the world including Canada, United States, Europe and Australia.
With more than 2000 coaching hours of experience, here's what some of Brett's clients say about their work with him.

"By working with Brett, I have made breakthrough progress and achieved lasting results in harnessing the power of my ADHD. He asks great questions and has a deep toolbox. I would recommend Brett as an ADHD coach to anyone dealing or living with ADHD.

What I appreciate most is his insight and support. Having Brett as a coach makes me truly feel that I am not alone. He has transformed my life.

- Stan Flint, Operations Project Manager, Toronto, ON Canada

"Brett kindly pushes you to the edge of your limiting beliefs to help put them aside and set up strategies for small but pragmatic and durable change. He challenges the 'tornadoesque' negative thoughts to stop them in their tracks before they take you into their infernal downward spiral.

Attentive and adaptable, he helps you come up with the solutions that will work for you; no gimmicks, no "one size fits all" tricks; this is really custom-made for and by you."

-Stephanie Bowring, Musician/Entrepreneur, St. John's, NL Canada

I was a little skeptical at first. I had already worked with a Life Coach previously, and I wasn't sure that Brett's program would be different. I could not have been more wrong... 

...Brett has incredible insight that gets to the core issues and he helps you build solid tools and time tested strategies that turns my ADHD from a curse into a superpower."

-Byron Richards, Digital Marketing Strategist, Halifax

Brett has helped me deal with issues I've been struggling with my entire life. He challenges my thinking when I need it by helping me me to see different, more beneficial options. Brett won't give you advice he'll pull the answers out of you, which is what's truly empowering. His approach says it all because for the first time in my life I'm embracing my ADHD. 

Dominique Jean, Employment Counsellor/Group Facilitator, St. John's, NL Canada